Vegetation Control

Professional Vegetation Control

Certified Lawn Care of Tennessee understands the process of ridding a space of undesired plants, weed and other vegetation.  While this might seem like something you can take care of on a Saturday morning on your day off, this process can actually be quite tricky to get right and even more difficult to work into your weekly schedule around the office.  Certified Lawn Care of Tennessee was founded on the basis that safe and effective alternative solutions to conventional vegetation control in the Chattanooga and Cleveland, Tennessee area should be available and accessible to our communities. 

Certified Lawn Care of Tennessee’s vegetation control specialists understand the primary reasons to maintain vegetation.  Aesthetics, Safety and Health are the primary concerns of the surrounding environment in your lawn spaces.  We are committed to providing clients with the best customer experience possible. Contact Certified Lawn Care of Tennessee today for the ultimate organic vegetation control and treatment solutions available to the communities in Chattanooga, Tennessee and Cleveland, Tennessee as well as the surrounding areas.

Methods of Vegetation Control

The amount of control needed depends on the space, as well as the types and severity of the unwanted plants.  There are three methods of Vegetation Control: mowing, trimming (often with mechanical equipment) and chemical.

Chemical Control

Certified Lawn Care of Tennessee provides organic or traditional chemical methods of Vegetation Control.  We use herbicides to speed up, halt or alter the weed’s normal growth patterns by either drying out or causing the plant to drop it’s leaves. It’s very important to choose the right product to use in this method, since the wrong product can ruin plants that you actually do want in your space.

Chattanooga's Official Vegetation Control Treatment Services


Visually, weeds can ruin the look of an entire garden or yard. Most people who spend time on their garden have carefully planned where each of their crops will grow in order to maintain a specific look they had in mind. Weeds and other unplanned growths can cause the space to lose what might have been an otherwise lovely display. This can be especially concerning for a space that needs to be marketed, such as a house going up for sale or a resort that welcomes new guests every day.


Unwanted vegetation can actually be a safety hazard. For example, an overgrowth of weeds can covers up a road sign that drivers need to see before making the next turn. On a smaller scale, weeds might cover up the ground and make it hard for children to see rocks or tree roots that they can trip over. Ultimately Weeds are dangerous in both commercial and residential lawn environments and should be handled professionally.


Undesired plants are also referred to as “competing vegetation”. Weeds that sprout up near desired plants can start to soak up resources such as water, sunlight and vitamins that the original plant needs to grow. Added allergens to the local environment can create health issues for those with underlying issues. Health concerns for the lawn, flowers and plants as well as those trying to enjoy the environment can all be at risk without proper vegetation control.  Call Certified Lawn Care of Tennessee today. 


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