Aeration & Seeding

What aeration does for your Fescue lawn:

Removes plugs of soil so vital water, nutrients and air can reach its roots. Loosens compacted soil so it can better absorb water and fertilizer. Helps your grass breathe. Strengthens its root structure. Increases its resistance to heat and drought, Commonly found in the greather CHattanooga area, also in Cleveland, Dalton and Chatsworth. Makes it lusher and more resilient.

What overseeding does for your Fescue lawn:

  • Sows seeds over existing grass and bare patches.
  • Helps your grass spread and fill in thin areas.
  • Makes your grass thicker and fuller.

How overseeding and aeration go together:

Since Fescue doesn’t self-spread, we apply seeds over your existing grass – overseed – to fill in bare patches and make it grow thicker and lusher. Overseeding works best when preceded by aeration, which gives seeds a safe place to germinate.

Chattanooga Lawn Aeration and Seeding Services

Why we recommend both:

Aeration helps seeds stay safely in place, nestled in newly created pockets of soil where they can germinate. By giving your turf a stronger, deeper root structure, aeration also maximizes the growth potential of both your new and existing Fescue grass. Call Certified Lawn Care today for a quote in the greater Chattanooga area, We also service Cleveland Tn,, Dalton and Chatsworth Ga. (423) 241-7573.


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