Lawn Care Treatment Solutions

Organic Sprays and Fertilizers made of Natural Ingredients with superior and reliable lawn treatment of Mosquitoes, Ticks, Fleas, Flowerbed, Trees and Shrubs. Chattanooga, Tennessee and Cleveland, Tennessee Residents and Business Owners Call the experts. Call Certified Lawn Care of Tennessee

Chattanooga's Organic Mosquito Treatment Services
Mosquito Control

Safe & effective mosquito control treatments once a month from April till October

Chattanooga Organic Weed Control Treatment Services
Standard Lawn Care Program

Seven applications of weed control & organic fertilization with aeration and seeding on Fescue grass.

Chattanooga's Precise Disease and Insect Control
Insect & Disease Control Program

Five application of insect and disease control on trees and shrubs,

Vegetation Control Program Chattanooga Tennessee
Vegetation Control Program

Organic vegetation control on fence lines and parking lots.

Chattanooga Flowerbed and Weed Control Treatments
Ornamental Bed Weed Control

Safe ornamental bed weed control three to four treatments a year as needed.

Chattanooga's Premier Flea & Tick Control Treatment Solution
Flea & Tick Control

Flea and tick control treatments are provided monthly.

Guaranteed Fire Ant Treatment Solutions in Chattanooga, Tennessee
Fire Ant Treatment

Fire ant treatments are guaranteed for a year with only one application.

Why Choose Us

Our treatments are safe for bees and other pollinator while being as effective as harsh chemicals available from other treatment providers and store bought solutions. Organic treatments are also safe for your children and pets. When we complete an organic treatment of your lawn, your children can play in the yard as soon as we pack up.


We arrive on schedule when you expect us every time.


Trained and Certified technicians.

Quality Lawns

High quality outdoor spaces every time.

Proper Care

Safe organic products for you & your family.

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