Lawn Care Services

Chattanooga's Organic Mosquito Treatment Services
Mosquito Control

Mosquito are not just annoying. They are dangerous.

Guaranteed Fire Ant Treatment Solutions in Chattanooga, Tennessee
Fire Ant Treatments

Fire ant colonies can house 200,000. We can find them.

Vegetation Control Program Chattanooga Tennessee
Vegetation Control

Rid your space of undesired plants, weed and vegetation.

Chattanooga's Preferred Tree and Shrub Treatment Services
Tree & Shrub Treatments

Healthy, longer-lasting plant material and trees.

Chattanooga's Aeration and Seeding Services
Aeration & Seeding

Grow thicker and lusher Fescue with Aeration and Seeding.

"Let's make your lawn beautiful, green and a place to enjoy again!"

Chattanooga's Premier Flea & Tick Control Treatment Solution
Flea & Tick Treatments

Fleas can transfer tapeworms and ticks carry disease.

Chattanooga Flowerbed and Weed Control Treatments
Ornamental Bed Weed Control

Well prepared and planning for best Flowerbeds.

Chattanooga Organic Weed Control Treatment Services
Weed Control

Weed Control In Landscape Beds.

Chattanooga's Precise Disease and Insect Control
Disease & Insect Control

Maintaining a healthy, vigorously growing lawn.


Healthy Nutrients bring the healthiest lawns.

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Lawn Care Treatment & Control

Certified Lawn Care can beautify your lawn with our quality lawn maintenance experience in turf grass management. Our lawn and landscaping services are designed for both residential and commercial lawns and landscaping. We work to make your lawn healthy without harming your family, your staff, or your pets. Our goal is to give residential homeowners and business owners a dependable, affordable, top-notch choice for lawn mowing, lawn care, and landscape maintenance. When selecting a quality lawn maintenance company the bottom line is results. Our goal is to help you achieve the best lawn maintenance possible.

Quality Service, Professionalism, and Attention to Detail Customers have told us that the reason they selected Certified Lawn Care as their mowing service is because we provide a better quality of service, professionalism, and attention to detail than what they have experienced with other local and national lawn maintenance service contractors. They selected Certified Lawn Care because of our reputation for quality, our longevity in the industry, and our proactive approach to landscape maintenance.

Certified Lawn Care knows the the combination of our personal attention and our complete program and quality products will results in a thicker, greener lawn for our clients

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