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Certified Lawn Care of Tennessee was founded on the principles that safe and effective alternative solutions to conventional lawn care in the Chattanooga and Cleveland, Tennessee area should be available and accessible to our communities. Years of experience in organic sprays and effective lawn treatments prove that healthy weed-free lawns can be sustained by enriching the soil with natural nutrients. Certified Lawn Care of Tennessee provides Hybrid Traditional/Organic lawn care treatments that give Chattanooga and Cleveland, Tennessee homeowners the green lawns and landscapes they want and the safety they demand.

Over 50 Years Experience

Certified Lawn Care of Tennessee is proud to be locally owned and operated in the Chattanooga, Tennessee region. As a fully licensed and insured lawn treatment company under Tennessee Charter 5119, we are your first choice for effective, safe lawn treatments.

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Our treatments are safe for bees and other pollinator while being as effective as harsh chemicals available from other treatment providers and store bought solutions. Organic treatments are also safe for your children and pets. When we complete an organic treatment of your lawn, your children can play in the yard as soon as we pack up.

Certified Lawn Care of Tennessee's landscape specialists are committed to providing clients with the best customer experience possible. Trained in all aspects of organic lawn care, our licensed and bonded professionals are honored to help customers maintain their property. Contact Certified Lawn Care of Tennessee today for the ultimate organic lawn treatment solutions available to the communities in Chattanooga, Tennessee and Cleveland Tennessee as well as the surrounding areas.


Our mission is to create beautiful lawns that are safe for pets, children, and businesses. Offering a complete package of organic lawn care services.

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Our vision is to create luscious lawns using the safest products available and unleashing nature’s benefits for a beautiful lawn.


We value our shared environment and focus on commercial solutions that work while protecting pollinators and humans alike.

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