Tree & Shrub Treatments

Tree & Shrub Maintenance

It is very common that trees and shrubs are overlooked even when the life of your plant material holds much more value than your turf. Certified Lawn Care’s Tree & Shrub Maintenance ensures the health and longevity of your trees, shrubs, and other plant materials that are specific to the Chattanooga, Tennessee and Cleveland, Tennessee area. Our Tennessee State Certified Staff, with degrees in horticulture, can recommend and manage plant and lawn care programs that are needed to prevent disease, weeds and insect problems to keep your plants healthy and green. By understanding the South East Tennessee and North West Georgia regional plant and lawn needs, correctly diagnosing an issue and using environmentally-friendly organic and plant-specific formulas, you can trust that your landscape is in good hands with Certified Lawn Care.

Benefits of Tree and Shrub Maintenance

Healthy, longer lasting plant material and trees Protection against various insects and mildew including Bagworms, Japanese Beetles, weevils, lace bugs, mites, scab and leaf spots (to name a few) Fertilization spreads essential nutrients throughout the plant/tree material Trained, certified, professional technicians from Certified Lawn care on site to help identify diseases that are not always easy to spot The finest horticultural products and materials available applied properly throughout the property Increase curb appeal for your property Extend the life of plants and trees, ideally decreasing the overall cost of maintenance Less time spent in your yard replacing this material.

Chattanooga Tree Treatment

Tree and Shrub Care

Growth & Protection Treatments for your Landscape Year-round tree and shrub care provides the best possible outcome for your landscape.
If you’ve ever had to replace a mature tree or shrub with a like size plant, you know it can be a very expensive proposition. While our lawn care program results in seeing weeds die, our Tree & Shrub program is like an insurance policy to ensure you don’t see trees and shrubs die.

Included in the program are:

  • seasonal fertilizations
  • insecticides
  • miticides
  • fungicides
  • horticultural oils

All of these treatments are designed to prevent damage before it occurs so that your landscape stays healthy and beautiful all season long.


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